Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Episode 165 Coffee

We get an update on how Eric is doing at Slave Camp, and a clue on where Brett might be in space. Topic is Coffee. Give it a listen.

Episode 164 Extinction

This episode we stop into a space mechanics, and we learn who chose Eric's name. As always, it will surprise you. Give it a listen!

Episode 163 Gold

We are back in space, looking for our old pal Brett. Topic is Gold.

Episode 162- Snow

Mark and Eric take a little break from space travel and enjoy a couple beverages at the space bar. The search for Brett continues. Todays topic is snow.

Episode 161 Lizards

The search for Brett continues deep into space. This weeks topic is Lizards. Enjoy!

Episode 160 - Lost Treasures

We are back. Why? Well, not because you asked for it. Brett needs our help, he is somewhere in space. Mark and Eric have a received a transmission and are heading out on an interstellar mission to find him. Also, the topic is Lost treasures.  Enjoy all 14 of you!

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Episode 159 Emotions/Alcohol 4

The end?